We will work with you to provide a customized frequency package to meet your needs and budget. Garage sweeping uses a vacuum truck with sweepers and blowers, to pick up trash and debris that have accumulated in your parking garage or lot. This is typically done monthly at a minimum, but is of course based on the traffic in your garage or lot and how quickly debris and trash accumulate. On a less frequent basis, typically quarterly, sweeping is followed by surface cleaning. Surface cleaning uses high pressured water, vacuums, and degreasing practices to remove gum, oil stains & the regular dirt and debris. The water is contained in water storage tanks with a vacuum system that recycles the water, which is important so the water is not just accumulating to clog drains and have excess water where it does not belong. By setting up a pre determined frequency package, you benefit from lower prices based on economies of scale and reduced resources to manage maintenance on your properties.

Pressure Washing Service Areas :

Excel Pro Services provides commercial pressure washing and power washing services to the following areas: CharlotteDenver, HuntersvilleCornelius NCLake Norman NCMooresville NC and Davidson NC and surrounding areas.